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I love creating content, making connections, and serving people.

Listening to and sharing stories has always been a deep love of mine. Today I share the stories of military spouses and military families through podcasts, blogs and social media. I also write about things I enjoy like people and technology, knowledge management, and social innovation. I help connect people in my professional and personal networks because I believe we are stronger and smarter when we collaborate. I believe that serving people is what I am here to do, through my work, with my family, and in my community.




Washington, D.C.


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Who I Am


I am the host of SO Unbecoming with Jamie Muskopf, a podcast where I share my conversations with military spouses trying to succeed in the traditional workforce during or after active duty life. I also speak with guest experts on topics like resume writing, networking, personal branding, and other professional skills topics.

I also blog, write articles, and am working on a new book.


Over my 20+ year career, I have met some incredible people. I love to connect people I know with one another when I know their collaboration would be mutually beneficial. Connect with me on LinkedIn and let’s see who we can get you collaborating with today.


As a woman working in business and technology, I advocate for introducing and inspiring girls to consider STEM careers. I write about and volunteer my time in this area.

As a student in the Doctor of Social Work program at the University of Southern California, I advocate for military families who today struggle to maintain dual career households and those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and social isolation.


You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.
— Dr. Brene Brown


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